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Welcome to my viewing/image proofing site. I'm based in Oxfordshire and work across the UK, in London and on many overseas assignments.  You're likely to find me at a large awards ceremony in London or in a farmer's field in Guatemala, but whatever the setting, I've been providing high-quality photographic images and short films and drone imagery for many years.

I trained in TV & Video production, spent six years as a video cameraman, did a BA in History & English and successfully completed a Postgraduate year in Photojournalism at London College of Printing. Following this, I studied Periodical Journalism and have since worked as a Writer-Photographer-Filmmaker.

I have almost 30 years experience as a Photographer/Filmmaker on a wide range of assignments in more than 40 countries on over 50 overseas trips. In the UK I have worked with numerous charities, educational institutions and arts organisations. I spend a large part of my time on overseas assignments, recently  in Uganda, the Philippines, Kiribati and Malaysia. Followed by work in Niger and India. This is for GNDR - check out their site at  www.gndr.org

I have recently completed progress photography at the new Royal College of Art's Battersea campus.

In 2017 I was commissioned to take photographs for the website of The Archers - the iconic long-running BBC radio series and current photographic work includes Architectural Progress Photography for Arts and Educational clients. I've recently completed work on long-term projects with the Royal Opera House and London Business School.

Please call/email to book me or if you need any assistance or information.

07956 115788,  geofcrawford@icloud.com

The Small Print: All images on this site are © Geoff Crawford - please view and (by prior arrangement only) download your images but please do not under any circumstances download or copy any  material which I did not shoot for you or your organisation. I'm sure you wouldn't do this but it has been known and not only is it a bit rude, it's also a breach of copyright and may have serious legal implications. Please call or email if you need any assistance or information.